Interaction Design

IntuitUS : Touched by the world. 
End of studies project – StrateCollege – Sèvres, PARIS

IntuitUs is a system that allows its user to sense their environment through touch.
Formed of a second skin (electroactive polymers et elastomers) and various applications, the user will be able to assign functions they wish to feel through contact with their body.
Time perception, space perception and decision-making are some of the innate abilities that we use daily. However, society inhibits them through creating assistance tools to replace them (GPS, etc.)

IntuitUs is a way to use technologies without being totally dependant on them; it enables us to regain contact with the world in a different way.

Life Printer : A conceptual project
L’an 3024 : tout écosystème ayant disparu depuis 30 ans, la Recherche réalise de grandes avancées dans le domaine des systèmes organiques artificiels.
Epson expose ce jour sa première imprimante organique pour particuliers, réussissant là où la Nature a échoué. Le constructeur en maniant habilement technologie et matières premières naturelles réussit à recréer les conditions propices à l’émergence de la vie.
Matériaux utilisés : Végétaux, terre, matériel informatique (imprimante, câbles, écran).

TalkMap : Smarter Together

TalkMap is a Techy Wild Bunch deeply into Collective Intelligence. We imagine mapping and semantic tools to give you guys a relevant access to information.