I am Manon Ely, a graduate in industrial design since 2011. I have worked as a freelance designer with start-ups and entrepreneurs in the web, product and technology sectors in Paris.

You can access my CV here (in English)  and here (in French).


As an Interaction & Product designer graduating from StrateCollège Design School (Sèvres, Paris) in October 2011, I decided to complete my studies within the Chaire Entrepreneuriat ESCP Europe Business School in Paris.

Discovering new points of view and business interests while being able to share my own knowledge made this course a truly complementary education.

My experiences are diverse, particularly in multi-dimensional projects working alongside marketers and engineers. Today, I strongly believe in the synergy of different skills in order to generate better innovations.

Empowering projects with entrepreneurial thinking and a design-centric approach are something that impassions me.


My approach to the design world is dual in its nature:
I specialized in Interaction Design (“Interactive Systems & Objects”), through which I learned a methodology of research and the study of prospective uses – the interaction with the human being – as well as a systematic approach to project development.

However, I have always remained strongly attached to the physical object, to the relationship between form, material and function.

I think future uses will construct emotional languages between objects/interfaces and us. My approach tends to reduce the gap between the digital and physical world.

Our world is moving, and designing things is not only about shapes & aesthetics. Being a designer today is about understanding peoples’ needs, psychologies and cultures. It is about designing emotions, feelings and relationships.


I am versatile, from ideation to realization: product, use cases, graphics, web and interface.
I enjoy new challenges and I am always interested in discussion and sharing.
Please do not hesitate to contact me at manonely.design@gmail.com