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TalkMap is an ESCP startup company, born of the ambition of four young entrepreneurs who wished to exploit the potential of visualisation to generate collaboration, discussion and content production. I had the pleasure of collaborating on the project, immersing myself in the team’s entrepreneurial environment for five months at the BlueFactory – the ESCP’s business incubator.

Over the course of the design process, we worked with engineers and marketers on product development and the TalkMap identity.

Website :  –

Team : Pierre Colle (Central Paris) , Sam Ton That (Autodidacte), Alexandre Cavallaro (HEC Paris & Ecole Normale Supérieure), Lucas Bonan (ESCP,Paris), Manon Ely

Fields : Web applications – creation of graphic interfaces, mappings, datavisualisation, scribing, curation…

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MapItOut! is a webexplorer based app which is designed to create maps out of social flows with a content directly visible on the Map.This application is powered by TalkMap, a start’up I work with as a freelance.I designed the interface of this first beta version and I am currently working on the next one !
(all my design is not implemented yet… developers have so many things to do!).I really like to work on mapping tools, I think it is a real way to visualize, discover and understand things in a different way…
So what is it made for?
The growing number of daily social media flows, are a challenge to interpret. Hence a tool which can organize this data would be invaluable. Visual representation can boost data treatment productivity and understanding.
A MAP is a ‘Mean of Access to Pertinence’, it presents information in a clear and easy to understand way, even by a simple glance! Here comes Map It Out!
Among the many uses you can:
Cover an social trend or a live event;
Report a brand social reputation;
Present your favorite topics on an interactive map!We aim at taking this further, as this Bêta test version only sources Twitter feeds.
Be ready for the coming update, it will provide other feeds and functions!
Create a map :
Read a map :


Collaborative work and mind maps responding to issues facing education in the digital era. 

The “CoWo” project is an application in line with TalkMap’s philosophy, in the same vein as Debate, by mixing mind maps and collaboration in the context of collective intelligence.

CoWo is a collaborative platform for the creation of mind maps, with various levels of access level inspired by the different roles played by teachers and pupils in the framework of a lesson (spectator/contributor/moderator). It also has a range of tools enabling the thematic and spatial organisation of content. This flexible organisation of access rights allows the teacher to let the students take the floor, giving them the possibility to supply the lesson’s material (comments, articles, photos, video documentaries, etc) while retaining control of its direction.


We attended the Hackathon organized by on March 2012. If you don’t know, I recommend you go right now on their website. To make it short, the goal of this association is to give the citizens clear and direct access to the propositions of the candidates for presidential elections. They made an awesome job and developed an API to let people make the access to this information even better, and only 14 days after its launch, about 200 000 comparisons have been requested on the website !

Hack The Elections!

The goal of this Hackathon was to co-develop apps extracting data out of their API which could help citizens to vote for the presidential election and thus be more aware of the candidates’ propositions.
They organized a whole weekend of hacking taking place at “Le Camping” which attracted lots of talented developers and designers who formed 11 teams.And as you probably guessed, out of these 11 teams, stood the TalkMap Team!
We mapped the event, so you can have a look at the other apps developed during the Hackathon.