QAPA – Start’up Consulting


QAPA, a new formula for employment!
Confidential project.

In the context of ESCP Europe Chaire for Entrepreneurship, I had the opportunity to meet and work with the QAPA startup company.

“QAPA is the very first tool that enables you to search for employment based on your actual skills, without even a degree, CV or cover letter.”

The founders’ innovative and dynamic vision pertaining to the problems of the job market made this partnership a very enriching experience. We were able to contribute our skills to the startup during a consulting project spread over a 2-month period.

Brief : “How can the QAPA product be improved?”
Team : Valérie Leguay, Benjamin Lavergne, Anne-Sophie Delaporte-Peri, Gréfory Elensky, Manon Ely
Analyses & recommendations : Studies of the job market, benchmarkings, web strategy, interface design, installation of a device for user testing, gamification…