Musetrek – Interaction Design

Internship – Boston, MA

2009 : Web Design – Graphics & Programing for Musetrek

«Continuing Strate College’s involvement, Michael Harboun and Manon Ely worked to design our new look during an internship in Boston. The creators of MuseTrek, including Harman, Gilron, Edwards, Tassel, Jacobson, Andrus, and the Boston teens embody the spirit of MuseTrek as a socially-engaged, grassroots, international organization aiming to put the world’s cultural heritage into the creative minds that will shape and define the 21st century.»

Client : Musetrek + Le Laboratoire Paris, Boston

Team (on-site) : Roee Gilron, Mishy Harman, Bill Jacobson, Andrus Cashman, Michaël Harboun, Manon Ely